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Murata Kimpaku Fishing Division

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The fishing department of Murata Kimpaku accepts inquiries about products and supplies that specialize in fishing.
We support lure production with many years of experience and abundant know-how.


Transfer foil for fishing lures

Murata Kimpaku’s hologram foil is highly evaluated in the fishing tackle industry, especially in the field of lure manufacturing.
This hologram foil is not a diversion of conventional plastic holograms, but a hologram foil developed from scratch specifically for lure manufacturing.
In addition to the standard hologram foil pattern that has been loved by anglers for a long time, we have developed new attractive patterns by taking advantage of our strengths as a hologram manufacturer.
Hologram foil from Murata Kimpaku Fishing Division makes your lures more attractive.
We can also produce original hologram patterns.
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